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Life and Disability for your Executive Director

The greatest assets of a mission are its personnel. Arguably, one of the most important people on your staff is the Executive Director. I find it interesting that buildings and vans get excellent insurance protection, yet these are readily replaceable. However, of all the “assets” I see left uninsured, it...

Abuse and Molestation Part II

The headlines in last week’s paper read: “Counselors indicted for alleged abuse.”  The counselors were indicted and fired over allegations that they physically abused a disabled man in their care.  Not only is this a potential felony for the counselors, but it also brings a huge threat to the reputation...

Everything Changes

In the 30 years of my professional career in risk management and insurance, I have never come across an issue as divisive as the debate over National health insurance. I will admit, right up front, that I am an opponent to the idea. Categorically, I am one of those conservatives who are prone to side with Thomas Jefferson who was quoted as saying, “The role of government is to do for society what society cannot do for itself.” Likewise, I am apt to quote what was printed in the monthly periodical

Rescue Mission Car Sales

Increasingly, AGRM member missions are seeing the financial opportunity of used car sales operations. These operations benefit both the donor and the mission.
The donor obtains a tax-deductible receipt for donating a working automobile to a charitable organization, and the mission receives a vehicle which provides a source of revenue when it is sold. Risks To Be Considered However, the typical insurance policy excludes

Cyber Threat

A growing risk is threatening homeless shelters. This threat is more insidious and less measurable than most risks for which we often prepare. I am writing about what is usually referred to as “cyber-risk”. Unlike buildings that are susceptible to fires and automobiles that are exposed to collisions, cyber risks are imposed upon a mission, not just by a rogue employee, but by people from outside the mission looking to steal without ever stepping foot on the premises. Unlikely, you think? Please don’t be naïve!