About Us

Not just any insurance...

Rescue Mission Insurance.

Do you know if there are any gaps in your insurance coverage that might not be keeping up with the culture’s changing legal landscape?

Does your broker’s concern reach beyond business, due to a shared passion for Rescue Missions?

Can your broker anticipate your mission needs, as a result of advising various homeless shelters nationwide?

The Merriam Insurance Agency has been serving the insurance needs of rescue missions for over a century. This experience, gathered over the past one hundred years, has enabled us to excel at providing insurance coverage for rescue missions, new and old, from all around the country.

We offer coverage for many different mission risks including:

· Thrift Store
· Garage Operations
· Vocational Training Programs
· Day Cares
· Mental Health Programs
· Addiction Recovery Centers
· Men’s and Women’s programs
· Emergency Shelters
· Feeding Programs… and much more

If any of these thoughts or questions sparked an interest and you would like more information, call or email us today. We will be happy to speak with you and provide you with a free quote.