I am privileged to recommend the Merriam Insurance Agency to any mission ministry considering proper coverage for their insurance needs. Your commitment to Christ and His Kingdom speaks clearly of your heart and God’s call on your life. This has been true not only in my personal contacts with you, but demonstrated throughout every experience that we have had with your agency. To have a business relationship with a member of the family of God is an honor and a true blessing!
Our changing insurance companies have been a win for our ministry that I want to clarify as follows:

  • We had thought for years that we were adequately covered through our precious company until we began the inquiry process and preparation for getting quotes from your company was the first time that we realized we were clearly lacking in our existing company. We found that we were underinsured in some important areas, while at the same time we were over insured in some insignificant areas. The package presented by your company offered us additional coverage at no additional cost. In fact, you offered us protection for areas of the ministry that was never considered by our previous agency or underwriters. We know that your company understands Rescue Missions and our unique ministries.
  • Because our mission is a “Certified Excellent” m1ss1on ministry by the Association of Gospel Rescue Missions Certification program, your underwriter “locked” our rates for the next 3 years, unless we were to add to or adjust our coverage. This is an awesome tool in budgeting for our operational expenses.
  • We were very excited with the support that we have received by your staff as well as the under writers staff. We have been offered training tools and informational tools that will assist us In “doing the work of the ministry.We are extremely pleased with the choice we made to join the Merriam Agency family for our insurance needs!

    -D. Rex Whiteman,
    President/CEO – Union Mission

I wanted to thank The Merriam Agency for assisting us in saving money on our insurance. Our insurance was costing us between 18 and 20,000 dollars per year. I contacted you and your cost for better coverage, almost doubling what we had on our property, was a savings of 4-5 thousand dollars. The service has been excellent, and we thank the Merriam Agency for their foresight in the need for reasonable insurance for Rescue Mission Ministries.

God Bless You,
G. Clifford Mullins
Madera Rescue Mission


“Although we could work with a local insurance broker, we would not be able to have someone with the scope of knowledge, experience, and understanding that Brian offers our ministry. In addition, representing so many Missions to collectively purchase coverage vastly improves our buying power over what we would be able to do as one individual Mission working with a local broker. More comprehensive coverage at a better price, you can’t beat that combination!”

R. E. Tullgren III
Executive Director, Gospel Rescue Mission, Tucson AZ


“Merriam Insurance has provided the high level of service we desire at a significant cost savings over our precious supplier. I would personally recommend Merriam Insurance to anyone seeking the best insurance for their situation at the best possible price.”

A. Picket
Operations/Facility Manager, Kansas City Rescue Mission


“I have benefited immensely from the Merriam Agency. After September 11th, 2001, the assistance we received from them was proved to be a big help at a time when New York City Rescue Mission was unable to get insurance coverage anywhere else. Whenever we have called the Merriam Agency, they have always been available to assist us with our immediate needs. We highly recommend using this agency.”

J VarnHagen
Executive Director, New York City Rescue Mission

“Simply said, we have been a very satisfied customer. When it comes to insurance matters. I highly recommend Brian Merriam of the Merriam Agency. They will more than cost-wise meet your every insurance need. They know what you need and what you do not need.”

Rev J.W. Steinhauser
Executive Director, Union Gospel Mission, Jamestown

“I am very grateful for the service that your agency has given our rescue mission through the many years of our ministry to the needy of the Capital Region of New York. It is of utmost importance that we have an agency that can understand our unique needs and be responsive to them. Your firm has been that kind of help to our mission.”

P. Jones
Executive Director, Capital City Rescue Mission